Our Full Service Management includes the following:


✓  Receive, document and handle complaints in a professional manner in accordance with procedures and guidelines mutually established by the Board and Fidelity, and regularly report to the Board on the status of such matters. This service is provided under Full Service Management

✓  Handle all telephone calls promptly, courteously and professionally.

✓  Maintain a separate file for every homeowner.

✓  Organize and attend Association’s Annual Membership Meeting.  Fidelity will prepare and mail the nomination forms, secret ballots, meeting notice and provide parliamentary rules and assistance in chairing the meeting, and tally the election results. This service is provided under Full Service Management.

✓  Attend Board meetings by your assigned Community Manager or other company representatives. This service is provided under Full Service Management.

✓  Send to the Directors a Monthly Board Package, consisting of monthly Financial Statements, minutes of the preceding meeting, the agenda for the current meeting, copies of all incoming and outgoing correspondences, accounts receivable and other financial reports, copies of any bids which may have been received, and copies of any site visit / walk-through report (if any).  This service is provided under Full Service Management.

✓  Inform the Board about recent developments in law or property management, which Fidelity learns about and which may affect the Association.  This includes regulations concerning fines, late charges, budgets, etc.

✓  If requested by the Board, review and annually shop for competitive bids for all Association insurance coverages.

✓  Prepare and maintain a list of the homeowners’ email addresses for communications, whether to alert all residents of an emergency or to distribute a newsletter. We can send an email blast to all participating owners.

✓  Assist the Board in creating an effective community website through MainFrame Media (Digital Marketing company)

✓  In consultation with the Board, promptly file with the insurance company all claims which may be reimbursable through insurance.  This service is provided under Full Service Management.

✓  Provide the Directors with a regularly updated list of homeowners and their current addresses.

✓  Upon request of the Board, assist in securing legal opinions for various Association matters.

✓  When units are sold or refinanced, provide accurate Statements of Account and other documents of the Association required by escrow companies, realtors, lenders and buyers.

✓  Provide enforcement of the Association’s rules in compliance with the Association’s governing documents and the Davis-Sterling Act requirements.  This service is provided under Full Service Management