Provided with Full Service Management

✓  From Fidelity’s offices coordinate the maintenance of the common areas.  If services are not satisfactorily performed, Fidelity will assist the Board in pursuing the matter with the responsible contractor in an attempt to achieve a successful resolution.

✓  Receive homeowner phone calls / emails about maintenance issues, document the calls, and contact the responsible / appropriate vendors for any necessary corrective work.  Homeowners can also use our website to send any request for accounting or maintenance requests.  All requests are handled promptly.

✓  Maintain the 24-hour emergency maintenance telephone number, through which a representative of Fidelity Management may be paged at any time in the event of a maintenance emergency, such as major plumbing or roof leaks, so that Fidelity can have a qualified maintenance contractor respond as soon as possible.  There is  no extra cost for emergency calls.

✓  Conduct periodic site visits / walk-throughs of the Association common areas and prepare a written report of observations, recommendations and any corrective actions undertaken.  Site visits / walk-throughs are focused on assessing the quality of work performed by the Association’s various service providers, determining the needs for preventive maintenance of the common areas, and noting violations of the CC&Rs, Rules and Regulations and other Governing Documents.

✓  Collect and compare bids from licensed and insured contractors, and confer with the Board in the analysis of bids leading to the final selection of contractors.

✓  Advise the Board on money-saving techniques and ideas which may improve the operating efficiency and appearance of the property.